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Ginger Aid Organic, 16 Tea Bags 1.13 oz

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  • Manufactured by: Traditional Medicinals
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Ginger Aid promotes Healthy Digestion

Spicy and soothing.

Herbal Power 
Gets the digestive juices flowing, relieves occasional indigestion and prevents nausea associated with motion.

Reason to Love 
If you’re a fan of the spice, or just dig ginger’s digestive soothing properties,* you’re going to love this spicy herbal blend. With plenty of hot and pungent ginger, as well as a blend of mellow blackberry and lemon myrtle, this tea is great to drink before meals to warm up your digestive system. It’s also good after dinner to promote healthy digestion—especially if you’ve overindulged.

Characteristically pungent and spicy ginger, sweet and slightly lemony.

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