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Emperor's Pu-erh Organic, 16 Tea Bags 1.13 oz

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Pu∙erh boasts a deep bold body that is smooth and earthy with hints of malt. This rich, energizing tea is deeply satisfying as a coffee alternative. Numi is proud to reveal the centuries old tradition of Pu∙erh.

Pu·erh (pū-ĕr) is an ancient healing tea picked from 500 year old organic wild tea trees in the majestic mountains of China's Yunnan province. Pu·erh’s history began over 2000 years ago when tea was transported along five Tea Horse Roads’. The first and most traveled road began in the village of Pu Erh. In order to maximize their load, merchants compressed the tea, and to their surprise, the tea tasted better at the journey’s end and yielded additional health benefits. It is said the Last Emperor’s mother, known as the Beautiful Countenance, was cured of her gout by drinking Pu·erh

Rich Taste
Pu·erh is processed differently than traditional white, green, oolong, and black teas. Pu·erh undergoes a unique fermenting process: once picked, the leaves are piled, dampened, and turned, over a 60-day period. The tea is then dried and ready to be compressed into bricks for additional aging, or left as loose tea, which Numi uses in its tea bags. The resulting taste is rich and smooth with hints of malt - a great alternative to coffee. Numi is first to bring you this revolutionary healthy tea in tea bags, aged compressed tea bricks and bottled iced teas.


Health & Vitality 
The roots of these mature trees gather more minerals from the earth resulting in elevated levels of antioxidants; more than most green teas. The unique fermentation process then acts on the nutrients that already exist in the tea leaves. Pu·erh has been purported in Chinese culture to aid digestion and metabolism, maintain healthy cholesterol levels, help with weight management and naturally boost energy (without the jitters).* According to independent ORAC tests, Numi’s bottled Puerh iced teas contain 3x more antioxidants than leading brand black and green iced teas.

Organic Pu∙erh.

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