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Power4, 32 fl oz

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Power4 conveniently blends four of the world's most popular superfruit juices into one pure, powerful, therapeutic, easy-to-take undiluted product. This super-healthy, potent juice is a convenient way to take four of the world’s most powerful, therapeutic fruits in one product. making it easy to maintain a healthy mood, beauty, digestive and inflammation benefits in one sip. Made from undiluted goji berry, açaí berry, noni and mangosteen fruits, Power4 provides 30,000 mg total of these superfruits in every fluid ounce serving. Our formula contains a wide array of all the unique compounds, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and therapeutic potential in one bottle. Power4 is the perfect complement to your current nutritional supplement routine.



Immune Function

Goji, açaí, noni, and mangosteen naturally contain over 150 unique compounds - such as polysaccharides and xanthones - that are beneficial for supporting a healthy immune system.

Healthy Energy Levels

With an abundance of polysaccharides, goji juice supports healthy energy levels by providing concentrated nutrients for cells. Goji and noni are also adaptogens, which support the body during times of stress and fatigue.

Free Radical Scavenging

Cyanidan 3-glucosides, flavonoids, and xanthones are some of the unique antioxidants found in açaí and mangosteen. These compounds help to neutralize free radicals in the body.

Healthy Sleep Patterns

As a natural secretagogue, goji supports the body's endocrine and glandular systems, which play important roles in supporting healthy sleep patterns.

Healthy Digestion

For thousands of years, bitters have been used to support proper digestion by supporting bile flow and salivation. Noni's pungent, enzyme rich juice is a natural digestive bitter.

What is the advantage to taking Power4 over the individual juices?

Power4 is a blend of Genesis Today's 100% pureNoni 100, Goji 100, Acai 100, and Mangosteen 100 all in one bottle. Although one fluid ounce contains about a quarter of what each of these juices provide per ounce when taken individually, a one-ounce serving of this juice contains a full spectrum of what these superfruits have to offer! This juice blend is for those who want to get a wide array of all the unique compounds, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and therapeutic potential all in one bottle.

Do I still need to take my daily multivitamin when taking Power4?

Yes. Although Power4 and our other superfruit juices contain food-based vitamins and minerals, they are not as complete as a daily multivitamin supplement, or they may not contain all of the vitamins and minerals in the amounts that you need. However, because the superfruit juices contain food-based vitamins and minerals, along with their bioflavonoids and co-factors, they support the absorption and effectiveness of your daily vitamin supplement.


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