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Total Cleanse, 120 Caps

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Total Cleanse whole body and intestinal cleanser contains over 30 herbs selected for their ability to encourage detoxification of the seven channels of elimination (skin, lymph, liver, kidney, colon, lungs, and blood). It also includes many herbs which support the overall health of the intestinal tract, digestive system and its absorptive functions. Genesis Today's Total Cleanse is a gentle, buffered two-part cleanse with two distinct formulas. Part 1 supports whole body detoxification, and Part 2 supports intestinal cleansing and elimination, contributing to a renewed sense of health and vitality.

Cleansing & Detoxification

Total Cleanse contains over 30 herbs selected for their ability to support detoxification of the seven channels of elimination, including milk thistle for the liver, burdock and hawthorn berry for the blood and cardiovascular system, horsetail, uva ursi, and dandelion for the kidneys, Irish moss and fenugreek for the lymphatic system, mullein for the lungs, yarrow and ginger root for the skin, and cascara, slippery elm, and chickweed for detoxifying the bowels.

Intestinal Tract Health

Many herbs in Total Cleanse support the overall health of the intestinal tract and support its digestive and absorptive functions. Gentian, ginger, plantain, yellow dock, centaury, hawthorn berry, and slippery elm bark are all beneficial for the intestinal tract.

Digestive Health

When food isn't properly digested, it can cause stress to the intestinal tract. Ultimately, when your bowels don't function properly, your digestion simply isn't optimal. With proper and healthy bowel movements, food moves through the intestinal tract and eliminates the bloating and fermentation that can be caused by sluggish bowels.


Why are there two bottles in the Total Cleanse box?

Total Cleanse is individualized for each person based on the number of bowel movements and their tolerance for deep detoxification. The herbs for whole body detoxification and the herbs that promote intestinal cleansing and elimination are separated as Part 1 and Part 2. Those who need more help with elimination can simply take more of Part 2.

I noticed my bowel movements begin to slow down as I increase the capsules. Why is this happening?

Most people have great success when taking Total Cleanse, particularly if taken correctly. The directions instruct individuals to increase both capsules, together, one at a time. This technique works well for most people who tend to regularly have 2-3 bowel movements per day; however, the number of capsules needs to be adjusted for those who lean more towards constipation. For some, increasing the number of capsules for Part 1 can increase detoxification and more material for elimination, slowing down bowel movements. If this happens, the number of capsules for Part 2 should be increased to help support elimination. Those who usually have three or more bowel movements may only need to take Part 1 for detoxification, and 1-2 capsules of Part 2 "as needed" for elimination. Whereas those who have a history of constipation may begin with 3-4 capsules of Part 2 to support elimination, and slowly add in Part 1 to support detoxification, as the body begins to eliminate old accumulated waste. We recommend keeping a log of how many capsules of each part you're taking, along with documentation about bowel habits to guide you as you adjust the capsules. The goal is to arrive at the ideal number of capsules of both, and remain at that combination until you achieve healthy bowel movements and feel satisfied with the removal of toxins from the body.

We recommend cleansing for 6-8 weeks if it’s your first time and then about 2-4 weeks every six months for maintenance, although many have great results staying on it for 4-6 months!

Why do I feel bad all over while taking Total Cleanse?

Feeling bad is common while taking cleansing and detoxification products. Cleansing herbs are powerful and can trigger a "die-off" of toxins. If the liver and kidneys can't work fast enough to eliminate them, the toxins can remain in circulation making us feel bad. The "die-off"—or Herxheimer reaction—can signal the product is working, but the level of detoxification may be a little too aggressive. The best approach is to skip a day of cleansing to allow the body's natural elimination of toxins and then start again, using an amount that allows for a tolerable level of detoxification. For additional information, see the Total Cleanse pamphlet provided with the product. If your symptoms worsen, consult with your health care provider.

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