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Miracle II Neutralizer Gel, 8 oz

  • Model: mis-240
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  • Manufactured by: Miracle II

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Miracle II Neutralizer Gel can soothe your skin while protecting it from the irritation often associated with shaving and other skin irruptions. It’s a great soother for sunburns and it’s known for providing your complexion with a energizing fresh glow of radiant health. A wonderful hair gel and detangler, it also helps keep mosquitoes at bay, and serves perfectly as a healthy carrier for essential oil applications. Forget the harsh and dangerous causing chemicals and toxins found in most body and hair gels. 

A colorless and tasteless gel which, is an incredibly effective skin-repair lotion. Cuts, burns, bruises, fever blisters, mouth ulcers, scratches, varicose veins and wounds heal with amazing speed. Thus it is very useful in the treatment of the following conditions: Acid Reflux, Allergies, Arthritis, Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Diabetes, Impotence, Insomnia, Menopause, Multiple Sclerosis, Obesity, Stress. Formulated for those areas where you would like to maintain a high level of concentrated neutralizer over an extended period of time. Because it dries quickly and is non-sticky it makes a wonderful lubricating gel. Compare this gel with aloe-Vera, you will be astounded.

Electrically Engineered Eloptic Energized Stabilized Oxygenated Water, Ash Of Dedecyl Solution, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Carbopol 940

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