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Fellas, when you see collagen do you think, “that’s not for me”? Probably because most of what you hear about collagen supplements are their many beauty benefits. But we’re here to tell you, collagen is not just for beauty! Bioactive collagen peptides have a wide range of health benefits that everyone can take advantage of. Here are five reasons men should consider adding collagen to their wellness plan.

Exercise Performance and Recovery

Is it taking a bit longer to bounce back from a big workout these days? Collagen may help! As hydrolyzed collagen provides a source of amino acids involved in protein synthesis, collagen is a helpful supplement after a workout. For example, a recent review study reported that collagen helped support healthy joints and joint function, and promoted the length of strenuous exertion.* [1] Because of these beneficial effects, studies report that collagen may support occasional exercise-induced pain, especially when combined with an exercise rehabilitation program.* [1–3]

Homme avec des muscles endoloris lors d’une course à pied Healthy Joints

Our joints keep us moving; give them the attention they deserve! Research shows that when combined with exercise, bioactive collagen peptides can support healthy joints.* [2,4]


By age 35, over 60% of men will experience some degree of hair loss. One way to support hair loss is to provide your body with the building blocks of keratin, the primary structural protein found in hair. Those building blocks, or amino acids (such as proline), can be found in collagen supplements. Research shows that bioactive collagen peptides can increase hair thickness after 16 weeks of supplementation. [5]

Homme jouant au basket-ball


Let’s face it; it’s not just women who want to age more gracefully. Several studies report that taking bioactive collagen peptides for as little as four weeks can show skin aging benefits, such as improved eye wrinkles, hydration, and skin elasticity.* [6,7]

So there you have it, gents! Collagen supplements are definitely not just for beauty and anti-aging, but can also offer a variety of whole-body health benefits.

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